Job interviews have been and are transitioning to competency-based interviews over the past 3-5 years, where interviewers want interviewees to share examples of past experiences instead of giving them standard answers i.e. not telling them what they would do, but instead telling them what they did do in past and present job experiences.

Another area of the interview process that is changing too is the introduction or incorporation of interviewees delivering a presentation to the interviewers. This presentation usually takes place at the start or at the end of an interview process. It is normally on a topic relevant and related to the organisation where a product or service challenge is narrated in the form of a question and interviewees are requested to give their opinions / solutions to the challenge on PP slides over a 15-20 minute period.

If you are or feel you will have to deliver a presentation as part of a recruitment and selection process, do the following and win the day:

  • Brush up on your communication skills, know that this is the main reason they what you to present to them in the form of a presentation i.e. can you speak, are you a good communicator and are you passionate about them and the subject matter i.e. their product and / or service
  • Know more than they know about the organisation, its clients, customers, internal / external problems and challenges. Blow them away with your knowledge gained from a previous deep research process
  • Put yourself in the interviewers shoes i.e. how would they articulate this
  • Act as if you are already an employee of the organisation, but being respectful throughout
  • Be yourself in a professional manner i.e. authentic
  • Speak for the heart with an enthusiasm, an energy and an empathy that helps them to like you

…and ultimately hire you…