Q. How long does the speech coaching take?

A. Depending on your specific requirements, coaching duration can take from two hours to ten hours.

Q. When should I start working with Competent Public Speaking?

A. We recommend that you start work with us as soon as you have a date for your speaking engagement.

Q. What other types of coaching do Competent Public Speaking do?

A. Competent Public Speaking can coach people in almost any speaking occasion including:

  • Business Speeches
  • Team Building | Team Motivation Speeches
  • Conference & Seminar Speeches
  • Acceptance Speeches
  • Family Occasions
  • Retirement / Farewell Speeches
  • Interview
  • Interview Presentations
  • Social Occasions
  • Sporting Occasions
  • Vote of Thanks
  • Launching a New Product or Service
  • Formal Opening Ceremony
  • Wedding Speeches
  • Eulogies

Q. What speakers do you coach?

A. We coach anybody who needs to be coached on their particular speech and speaking occasion.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. FREE 30 Minute Consultation (In-person, by phone or online)

(Fees can be tailored to meet your budgetary needs and requirements)

Q. Who writes the speech?

A. Competent Public Speaking can write the speech for you, however, we would recommend that you write a draft of the speech or at least have an idea of what you would like to say/have to say. We will then tailor it and make it read and sound professional, but always portraying the natural you.

Q. Where does the Competent Public Speaking coaching take place?

A. In our offices in Oranmore, Galway, in your home (telephone or online), at your place of business, at the speaking engagement venue or local meeting place. We provide a service where we do a pre-rehearsal at the speaking venue before the speaking date. This enables the speaker to rehearse their speech in the actual venue using the actual microphone and actual speakers, hearing the sound of their own voice, quelling all fears and concerns.