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Prepare, Prepare, Prepare…

I received a invitation to speak at an IT event recently. When I enquired about the speaker fee, I was informed that there would be no fee, rather I would be speaking to over 50 people, who were future potential clients (through them or through people they know). Having made  a decision a number of […]

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This is me, this is who I am…!

When it comes to speaking in public in front of people, we feel we have to transform ourselves into a different person, someone the audience is impressed by, someone who pleases every member of the audience, someone who speaks like a professional, someone who the audience will remember as a great speaker. Yes, all of […]

Presentation at Interviews…

Job interviews have been and are transitioning to competency-based interviews over the past 3-5 years, where interviewers want interviewees to share examples of past experiences instead of giving them standard answers i.e. not telling them what they would do, but instead telling them what they did do in past and present job experiences. Another area […]

Communicate well to be an inspired Leader…

If you read any of the people-, human resource-, business-based magazines, journals and publications, there has, is and always will be articles linked directly or indirectly to leadership and leadership skills. In fact over the past number of years there has been a noticeable increase in the spoken and written word of leadership. Leadership is […]