Coaching/Public Speaking Online

Yes, it can work for you! Contact me for 1 : 1 personalized coaching interventions.

  • FREE 30 min Consultation to understand you speaking challenge
  • Are you nervous about speaking in public?
  • Not used of speaking in public or to family/friends at a formal occasion?

Let us take the stress away and help you implement solutions that will remove that fear and give you the coping skills and confidence you need.

What we can offer you:

  • Help you gain confidence from zero base and use techniques which relax and empower you.
  • Plan and time your speech so you have the confidence that grows from being well prepared.
  • Learn how to read your audience and pick up cues that will ensure your speech is on track
  • Structure your speech perfectly
  • Rehearse and fine-tune your speech
  • Practice your speech in the actual venue beforehand
  • Learn about pitch, pace, pause and general vocal delivery
  • Use body language, gestures effectively
  • Never had to speak in public or to family/friends until now, ‘woo’ your audience with simple, yet effective speaking skills and tips

Professional Speaker training within the comfort of your own home

We offer a 30 min FREE Consultation to understand your speaking challenge

(Fees can be tailored to meet your budgetary needs and requirements)

Public Speaking courses

We hold ongoing public speaking courses online and at venues across Ireland. It gives us great satisfaction to see just how many people we have empowered over the years, helping them prepare and deliver memorable and unforgettable speeches, whatever the occasion. Professional speaker training is what we do best and like all professionals, we take pride in our work.