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How we can help…

Managing your public speaking activities can be challenging, stressful and daunting. Competent Public Speaking has over 20 years’ of experience in helping people with a wide range of job/career/business public speaking events.
A speech can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand up and talk about a person(s), a product and/or a service.
Competent Public Speaking will take you step by step through the whole speech preparation, writing and delivery process. We can help you add humour, and use props in/to your speech.
A pre-rehearsal of your speech in the speaking venue can significantly reduce pre-speaking nerves, help you look forward to your speech and make post-speaking celebrations more common.
When you need to make a speech, especially in business, we can also help you structure and plan your speaking engagement and provide coaching through delivery practice before the real event.
Competent Public Speaking can help you plan and manage your public speaking activities in person with some sessions held On-Line too.

Job / Career / Business Speech Services:

  • 1:1 Confidential Coaching
  • Rehearsals in the speaking venue
  • Saying what you want to say (content)
  • Saying what you have to say (structure)
  • Presentation (PowerPoint / Prezi ) Design / Content / Pictures
  • Controlling your nerves and taking some of the stress out of the speaking task
  • Pleasing your audience
  • Be yourself in a professional manner
  • Look forward to delivering your speech


  • Meeting the needs and requirements of the audience
  • Managing and controlling your nerves
  • Speak with authority, enthusiasm and passion
  • Practice in the speaking venue
  • Practice in your business environment

Design and Investment Costs


  • Tailored around your speaking engagement/project

Training Facilities

  • Intervention can take place in Competent Public Speaking’s office, at your business’s main premises, at the actual speaking venue or a location of choice by you

Budget Summary

We offer a 30 min FREE Consultation to understand your speaking challenge

Inclusive of the following:

  • Speech purpose
  • Speech development
  • Speech content
  • Speech structure
  • Speech writing
  • Speech delivery