What’s In It For Them (WIIFT) is the question your prospective audience are asking themselves before they go to hear your speech or when they are listening to your speech. They may be intrigued by you as a speaker and your reputation based on past performances, they may be intrigued by the event / seminar title, they be intrigued by your speech title / subject, but before, during and after they are usually evaluating will, am I, did I learn anything from this speech content? Will it, is it, did it help me in my business, help me in my career, help me make more money, help me save money, help me increase turnover, help me increase customer footfall, did it help me in any way at all?

As a speaker of business topics we have to always be asking ‘What’s in this speech content that will impress and help my audience?’ as you develop your speech content and structure it, we need to be aware of the immediate challenges of our business colleagues in their particular areas of expertise, service and product offerings.

Develop narrative that is current, up-to-date, indeed ground-breaking so that they will see you as the leader in the field, the person to go to, the person who knows the most about the subject you are talking about. Research current challenging topics that people need help on and write about them. Give your knowledge, opinion on them and tell them how to cope, manage, deal with it.

We need to be aware that it is not always what we wish to talk about and / or share knowledge on. It has to be what the audience want to hear, what will change their way of thinking in business, what will make them better people in their business and with their customers / clients?

We have heard of the term WIIFM i.e. ‘What’s In It For Me’ as a listener, now ask the question ‘What’s In It For Them’ (WIIFT) as a speech writer…